We are an American-style deli and grocer with classic comfort food that happens to be 100% plant based.  Simple, quick, and Guiltlessly Delicious!



A few years ago, owner Jill Ritchie found herself starting over after leaving the tech industry and becoming a single mom. While figuring out what to do with her new life, Jill's children decided to become vegan. She joined them the very next day, and was disappointed in the quality of food. After curating the best products for her family and experimenting in the kitchen, Jill realized she wanted to share her knowledge with the world. With a new purpose, she began Vegan Picnic. Our menu is based on classic dishes from her childhood (her favorite item is the fish fillet!). Here, we make delicious food that is better for your body, healthier for the environment, and animal friendly.

Vegan can be fun, delicious, and easy!